Author: Michelle Klippert

Taking the Stress out of a 30 day move

Moving may be the most stressful thing one can do. To help keep your sanity, here is a master to-do list. I broke it down week-by-week for the final month before your move in order to not only accomplish it all, but do it within the time frame that makes sense. Week One. • Schedule movers/book a Uhaul. Do this well in advance, especially if you’re moving at the end of a month (the most popular time to move and when they’ll most likely be booked up). • Clean out closets/purge belongings. Never move more stuff than is necessary; get rid of excess now. • Decide what furniture will work in the new place; for everything else, list on Craigslist or offer to friends. • Get boxes and packing materials. You can always buy ’em, but I’ve found the Craigslist free section to be the best source of packing materials; after you’ve moved you can pass them on. Week Two • Start packing. Begin with non-essentials (out-of-season clothes, rarelyused kitchen equipment) and work up to necessities as you get closer to moving day. • Start taking down art and photos from the wall and patch the holes with a dab of spackle. • Stop grocery shopping — learn to embrace the makeshift meal and start cleaning out the freezer. • Change your address with your all financial institutions, credit...

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Buyer’s list of to do’s in a Seller’s market

Montrose, Colorado is experiencing change! This change is something we haven’t seen in the area for quite some time. The change is this…… you are now in a seller’s market in the range of $300,000 and below. Sellers are experiencing multiple offers and with excellent terms. Because of this there are many changes in the way the buyer needs to be prepared in order to compete with buying a home in that range. Below are some tips to being more prepared and ready in this new market when trying to obtain a home. 1. Be pre-qualified with local lender. Because of the fact that when you find a home you want to be completely ready to write an offer the pre-qualification letter with credit approval is a must in obtaining prior to your search. Agents are submitting these letters as proof that you are a qualified buyer. If you are competing with cash offers you want to make sure you are well qualified and have a local lender in your corner. Why local? Well when the seller knows of the lender and their reputation in the community you have a better chance of them choosing your offer than one of an internet based or out of area lender. 2. Be ready when your realtor finds the home. What is ready? Ready to view the home and ready to write the...

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Super Kitchens – The heart of the home

Wow have we changed in our evolving kitchen tastes! From the linoleum floors of the 60’s and the olive colored appliances that our grandparents had… the sleek supersized kitchens that double as gathering spaces and work spaces for the family. In a recent survey by Houzz we see that 69% of owners use the kitchen space for dining, while 49% use it for entertaining and 43% use it for socializing. That is a far change from the kitchen use of our parents and grandparents! Family activities such as homework, reading and watching TV are some reasons why nearly 2/3 of our homeowners spend up to 3 hours a day in the kitchen area. Changes that are happening include features that are typically a part of the dining and living rooms. Some of these things include upgraded chandeliers, TV’s, work space, dining areas that are added to the area. Wine refrigerators, built in coffee stations along with custom cabinetry and lovely hardwood or tile flooring add to the overall change of design for the new aged kitchen. Some trends that are changing for the modern kitchen include the following: Two toned kitchen cabinets that mix colors as well as design styles. Black and bronze finishes on stainless steel appliances which add a sleek and modern look. Deep kitchen drawers for organizing dishes and pans. Huge kitchen islands with loads of...

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Code of the West

This was first chronicled by the famous writer, Zane Grey The men and women who came to this part of the country during the westward expansion of the United States were bound by an unwritten code of conduct. The values of integrity and self-reliance guided their decisions, actions, and interactions. In keeping with that spirit, we offer information to help those who wish to follow in the footsteps of these hardy individuals by living in rural Montrose County. These are the first words, in pamphlet form, that explain the Code of the West in Montrose County. Often we agents at The Real Estate Store in Montrose, Colorado area speak of The Code of The West. When “outsiders” come to our area we do our best to educate them to ways in which business is done and neighbors are respected. In the past Montrose County has distributed The Code of The West. And currently we have the “code” on hand for guidance when working with people who are not familiar with a “rural” lifestyle. This guideline helps us to remind people of the benefits to rural living as well as the over view of things associated with the following: Access, utility services, the property and uses of rural lands, mother nature and agriculture. Many of these topics have eye-opening realizations about rural living. Some of these include county roads not...

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Restaurants….the “new” shopping experience

Often I get asked as to what I think would revitalize a downtown area such as Montrose, Colorado. The old train of thought was always to put more stores for merchandise and the downtown would then draw people. That may have worked prior to the internet age but the reality is that so many people shop online and the “shopping” experience is just not the same. My opinion is that Restaurants are the new “shopping” experience. Getting culinary diversity in your downtown area will bring people to eat. I think the equation now is to “first” put the eating establishments downtown and then perhaps while people are relaxed and enjoying the food experience then, in turn, they very well may wander into other attractions or shopping experiences around the downtown. Behaviors are changing for our entertainment and social activities. People are looking for culinary diversity and are paying high dollars for that experience. So looking into the future I see Main Streets lined with fantastic restaurants, bistros and cookeries that draw in people….then I picture other establishments around these culinary experiences that would benefit from the exposure. Calling on all Chefs…. There are places on Main Street Montrose, Colorado that will be perfect for your next business!...

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