With fewer and fewer homes on the market, many people are now building new homes to fit the demands of the market.  If you are one of these people then I encourage you to think about the common mistakes in new builds that are requested by the new owners which can potentially hurt the resale of the home once the new homeowner decides to sell.

  1. Building a 2 bedroom home.

The two bedroom home is very popular with the older generation but when getting ready for resale, it is one of the harder sales with more time on the market. In order to open up the resale to more buyers the 2 bedroom should be that of a 3 bedroom home.  The 3rd bedroom could be small and used as an office but always having a closet and the ability to have it as a bedroom.  This way retirees will look at the home as well as young families.

  1. All bedrooms on the 2nd floor of a 2 story home.

Common mistake for new build of a younger family is to put all bedrooms on the 2nd floor. Re-sale for this plan eliminates a huge portion of the population for the desire to not have steps. Baby Boomers are a big majority of the population that does not want stairs.  Consider putting the master on the bottom floor and all other bedrooms upstairs if you are working on a two story plan.

  1. Personalizing key elements of the home that only few would like.

I have actually shown a home with the family room having carpet with the insignia of a college team throughout. This is a huge problem in resale (of course unless the buyer went to the same college and loves it! Which may be rare!). These same type of personal changes are reflected in bold color choices and tile choices that define the home as “Southwestern or that of a Native American flair”. These choices define the taste of the new build but may limit the buyer in resale because of ability to find a buyer with the same tastes.  Plan on neutralizing the home and adding your “personal taste” in the décor instead of through the permanent features of the home.

Do yourself a favor and get an honest opinion of a realtor along with a décor expert for more ideas of creating good resale when building your home. Not only can a realtor suggest current trends but can explain of past trends that need to be updated prior to the sale of the home.  Thinking ahead during your new build can have the grand consequences of a good return in a timely manner when you   resale.