couple-dreaming-of-house-cropped-square_jpg-large-imageSearching through pinterest the other day I came across a saying that was on
The saying said this….
“I am homesick for a place I am not sure exists. One where my heart is full, my body loved, and my soul is understood.”
Pondering these words I realized how many people come to us, Real Estate Agents, in hopes that we can provide exactly these words in a home. I often wish I had the exact check list that would help me help clients to find exactly this type of home for them. After much thought I think the following questions are not out of order in finding the fulfilling and emotionally uplifting property that one can truly enjoy.
If you closed your eyes and pictured yourself somewhere where exactly does this vision lead you to in a home?
In a community?
In the country?
Near a special place for convenience or necessity? This may include a hospital, church, or school.
What type of home do you see yourself in?
Classic traditional?
Farm house?
Ranch type with no stairs?
Home with large yard?
Home with no yard and self-maintained?
Who do you picture in your home?
Spouse or Significant Other?
Other Family Members?
What things in your home do you feel would make you the happiest?
Upgrades to the home?
The land?
The views?
Amount of light in the home?
Colors in the home?
Write down these answers and communicate with your Agent. He or
she may be able to help you follow your dreams all within your home
Home is a word that ignites all kinds of emotions. Our goal is for you to
find the place. The one where your heart is full, your body is loved and
your soul is understood.
Montrose, Colorado and surrounding communities have some of the
most lovely properties available in all the world. Let us help you to find
the perfect home.