“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”
― Peter F. Drucker

Fall is here and the weather is beautiful!  Now is the time to enjoy this beautiful place we call home. (Montrose, Colorado)  The fall is also a time to ponder “what did I accomplish this year?”  Is it what I wanted to do?We all still have time to begin and finish those things that we thought we would prior to the end of year!


I’m a Dreamer.  I think I will do so much each and every year until I realize time is slipping away from me and then I realize I haven’t even started on my projects and accomplishments!  One day I finally realized that I didn’t have a plan to follow in the year.  Because of this I noticed I made no progress towards my end results.  Is this you too?

If you have a personality like me I encourage you to MAKE YOUR PLAN NOW!  Decide on what you want to happen before the year is over and get busy on your plan. There is still time…..   Here is a list of some things that you still have time to do!

  1. Learn something new.
  2. Visit a friend or your family.
  3. Travel to another state or even out of the country.
  4. Buy a new home or sell one.
  5. Start a new business.


These are just some examples of things you can do. Fill out more on your personal plan.  In the meantime I encourage and challenge you to make the plan…and follow it for the remaining year.  Make yourself Proud!


There is still time if you begin NOW.


“If you want something you never had, you have to do something you never did”

Napoleon Hill