Wow have we changed in our evolving kitchen tastes! From the linoleum floors of the 60’s and the olive colored appliances that our grandparents had… the sleek supersized kitchens that double as gathering spaces and work spaces for the family. In a recent survey by Houzz we see that 69% of owners use the kitchen space for dining, while 49% use it for entertaining and 43% use it for socializing. That is a far change from the kitchen use of our parents and grandparents! Family activities such as homework, reading and watching TV are some reasons why nearly 2/3 of our homeowners spend up to 3 hours a day in the kitchen area.
Changes that are happening include features that are typically a part of the dining and living rooms. Some of these things include upgraded chandeliers, TV’s, work space, dining areas that are added to the area. Wine refrigerators, built in coffee stations along with custom cabinetry and lovely hardwood or tile flooring add to the overall change of design for the new aged kitchen.
Some trends that are changing for the modern kitchen include the following:
Two toned kitchen cabinets that mix colors as well as design styles.
Black and bronze finishes on stainless steel appliances which add a sleek and modern look.
Deep kitchen drawers for organizing dishes and pans.
Huge kitchen islands with loads of storage, prep sinks and seating become the essential work area of the home. Appliances that fit lifestyles and Niches which may include steam ovens, warming drawers, and induction cook tops. The new modern version of kitchens not only improves flow and storage of the home but adds beautiful aesthetic for family life. Contact your real estate professional prior to revitalizing your kitchen area and make sure the trends you love will equate in dollars and equity in your home later.