Preparing you home for all kinds of buyers should be a priority when considering putting your home on the market. Often sellers do not prepare enough prior and it many times costs them not only extended days on the market compared to others but also many times costs them actual dollars lost on the devalue of the home. Buyers are savvy! They no longer are uneducated in the process. They compare your home with all other homes in the area as well as in the price range. To retain value in your home you must paint the best visual picture representation of the home to the buyer and have that visual compare with other listings. Here are some things that you can do to prepare your home for listing.

1. Re-arrange your furniture and re-energize your rooms. So many people use the rooms in their homes for unconventional uses. Examples might be to use a dining room as a work out room with exercise equipment. When listing your home you will want to redo the home for conventional uses so that when a buyer comes into a home they realize what each room is for. Consider storing excessive furniture and keeping with traditional rooms for the best visual of the home.

2. Paint it!
Paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to may a substantial change to your home. Neutral colors will lighten rooms and make the home less- personal and more attractive to all kinds of buyers. Off white, beige and tan colors are great neutralizers. Take down any old and dated wall paper. Currently wallpaper is one of the number 1 reasons a buyer finds a home dated.

3. De-personalize it!
Family pictures throughout the home keep the buyer from remembering your home. They may remember what baby Joey looked like in the picture but they will not remember your floor plan resulting in a poor visual presentation of the home. This will bring other homes in the front favorites. Don’t take chances! Take down your personal photos and any kind of collections that will be a visual stopper for the buyer. WE need them to remember your home as their home and imagine themselves in your home as they tour it.

4. Clean it!
Turn a critical eye on the condition of your home. Flooring, cabinets, bathrooms, kitchens and overall cleanliness can make all the difference in the world to buyers. Clean your carpets and baseboards as well as organize closets and cabinets. Hire a housekeeper to do deep cleaning if it is physically impossible for you to get the home ready.

5. Hide it!
Animals are one of the MAIN buyer objections for home buying. If you have cats keep the litter box in the garage and not in plain sight to the buyer. Always best to pick up, cage or put the animals outdoors while showing the home. Make sure the smells, nuisance and cleanliness environment of the dog or cat is tip top shape for buyers view.
There are many other ideas to having low cost ways to get your home more attention. Your real estate agent will help you with recommendations for your home that will help you sell in the shortest amount of time with the most return of investment.