Whether it be across town or across the country, for many, a new home is a new beginning. It is a fresh opportunity to create a better life. Two ways to make a new house feel like a home are to familiarize yourself with the community and create the feeling of love, comfort, and well-being.

The first step in familiarizing yourself with the community is to get to know the members of the community. You can go on a walk and meet your new neighbors, visit and support the local businesses, and attend the community events. Other ways include going to a local museum and learning the history of the community and getting involved with your child’s school. Developing strong local ties and resources can also be very helpful. Becoming a part of the community is just as important as any other step in the moving process.

Creating a feeling of love, comfort, and well-being is the foundation of your new home. It is important to decorate your house with your favorite personal items and light candles that have a familiar, nostalgic scent. You can use lamps to soften the atmosphere and turn on your favorite music. Cook at home as often as you can and plan to have family and friends over within a few weeks of settling in. Decorating for the holidays is very important because it may either keep family traditions alive, or start completely new ones. There is nothing like the feeling of moving into a new home and the the excitement that new opportunities bring!