Often I get asked as to what I think would revitalize a downtown area such as Montrose, Colorado. The old train of thought was always to put more stores for merchandise and the downtown would then draw people. That may have worked prior to the internet age but the reality is that so many people shop online and the “shopping” experience is just not the same. My opinion is that Restaurants are the new “shopping” experience. Getting culinary diversity in your downtown area will bring people to eat. I think the equation now is to “first” put the eating establishments downtown and then perhaps while people are relaxed and enjoying the food experience then, in turn, they very well may wander into other attractions or shopping experiences around the downtown. Behaviors are changing for our entertainment and social activities. People are looking for culinary diversity and are paying high dollars for that experience. So looking into the future I see Main Streets lined with fantastic restaurants, bistros and cookeries that draw in people….then I picture other establishments around these culinary experiences that would benefit from the exposure. Calling on all Chefs…. There are places on Main Street Montrose, Colorado that will be perfect for your next business!